Anti-Boredom Blog That Promotes an Active Lifestyle

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Jessica Montez

Phone:    (608) 316-3932


Anti-Boredom Blog That Promotes an Active Lifestyle

Fall River resident, Jessica Montez, recently created a WordPress blog that documents racing goals and the challenges as a participant in multi-sporting events.

The blog will highlight races and the challenges she faces while training.  Races range from 5K fun runs to multi-racing obstacles including bike, swim or paddle segments with varied distances up to 17 miles long.

“Being proactive and seeking out challenges can help with de-stressing.  I hope to motivate others by sharing my experience,” explains Montez.

In addition to her experiences, Montez wants to promote an active lifestyle because of its total body benefits,

“Exercise in not only important to maintaining a healthy body.  Many studies have shown that it increases brain activity.”

Montez will provide tips on how to select a race based on cost and travel, as well as helpful tips on treating common injuries.  Her blog will consist of results and images, and share friend’s perspective on racing.

“If anything, documenting my accomplishments drives my own motivation and prevents boredom,” Montez says.

She plans to fit one to two races in a month with some leisurely activities in between.

For more information visit her blog at

Jessica Montez is working on a Journalism Certificate at MATC and is a full-time Associate Scientist in the biotech field.  For inquiries please contact Jessica Montez at



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